We apologize if you are experiencing a delay in receiving your ACH payment.  A technology issue prevented Catholic Charities from making payments as quickly as we had hoped.  The issue has been resolved and payments should appear in your bank account within the next five business days.  Thank you for your patience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Harris County is providing $60 million in funding to help people who are suffering financial hardship brought on by COVID-19.  Households that are selected and approved will receive a one-time payment of $1,200 for emergency expenses.

Can I change the payment method I chose?

  • Unfortunately, once a payment method has been selected, we are unable to make changes.

Can I change the bank account information that I provided earlier?
I believe I put in wrong or incorrect information about electronic transfer funds for direct deposit.

  • For the safety and security of your personal financial information, eligibility staff are not allowed access to this information. Please allow for 3-5 business days for the EFT to occur.

How long does it take for me to get a payment processed?

  • For electronic transfer of funds: Please allow 3-5 business days (not including holidays or weekends) for funds to be deposited. Your bank may have different procedures that involve placing a hold on this type of transfer.
  • For a mailed check: Please note that this will be sent out certified mail. Please allow for 10 business days for it to arrive.
  • To pick up a check: You must make an appointment in the scheduling system using the link that was sent to you asking for your preferred method for receiving funds. If you made an appointment and did not keep it, your check will be mailed by certified mail.

I’ve chosen Check Pick-Up but I am unable to make an appointment.

  • Please ensure that you are opening the scheduling appointment website link with either Chrome or FireFox browsers.
  • If the appointment form has already been filled out, a confirmation email will be sent to the email indicated. This confirmation may be sent through an email address from either Jotform or CatholicCharitiesHelp.
  • Appointments are only available Tuesday through Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • If an appointment has been made and missed, the check will be mailed via certified mail to the address from the application.

How do I apply?

  • The public application period is now closed.
  • Please note that funds are limited, and not everyone that is eligible and applies will receive funding. Visit our Resources page for additional information.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Your household must be located in Harris County.
  • If you already received other COVID-19 related assistance from Harris County, you are not eligible.
  • Your household must have at least one member enrolled in a public assistance program or have total household income less than 60% of the HUD Area Median Family Income at the time of application.  (on Eligibility Page)
  • Households must demonstrate impact on income due to COVID.
  • Limited funds may be available for individuals who do not meet federal funding requirements.

What documents do I need to provide to prove my eligibility?

How do I know if I live in Harris County?

What can I do if I’m not selected?

  • Please visit the Resources page for more information on options that may be available to you.

What if I have other questions?

  • Applicants who are randomly selected now through December 30 may call our hotline at 832-990-1318 Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. – 8 p.m., to answer questions, help applicants apply if they are unable to use the website, and hear any concerns.

How can I help get the word out?